What my clients say

Shine is great :)! Among the several coaches I have had: She Shines the brightest :)!

+ she listens well, hearing not only what you're saying but also understanding the deeper issues
+ she asks excellent questions to not only further explore the conversation topic - but also to help you connect the dots and find your solution
+ she is patient, allowing me the space to find my way
+ she is results oriented, helping to close the loop from thoughts > to specific actions > to lifelong habits
Matthew K., CPA
Director of Product Analytics
I am blown away by just one coaching session with Shine!

Shine is really pleasant to speak to and I feel completely comfortable opening up to her about any of my private and work related issues.
She seemed to ask me all the right questions and was able to very quickly and smoothly navigate the conversation to continuously progress towards my (self-set) intended outcome of the session.

I went into the session intending to work on the feeling of lacking efficiency in my work. I stepped out having learnt I didn’t place value on some specific aspects of the work I do and uncovered some actionable steps to take to ensure I can feel satisfied at the end of a work-day. At the end of the session I felt re-energised and equipped with the right tools to ensure I drive efficiency at work. Shine helped me see that I have all the answers to my problems within myself - and it was a completely liberating experience!
Anne Kool
Senior Program Manager, Uber
The sessions are really helpful in a way for a few reasons:
1. talking to Shine somehow made me feel very safe, comfortable and open to share. This is a great start for all the coaching sessions.
2. Shine is able to kind of "push" me to see some insights which I neglect however buried deep in my conscious. In my understanding, this is the role of a coach, instead of providing options, to help the client to see the options themselves.
3. Shine is generally a calm, patient, and cheerful person, her way of talking and sharing thoughts triggers me to also be more generous and cheerful to myself, which sometimes I am not.
4. The sessions are consecutive and consistent, I see the journey of my growth when I look at the notes Shine shared. This is quite helpful and insightful for me.
Business Consulting Manager
Shine is an amazing coach!
She knows what questions to ask to get you to think and to come up with great things to try out. During the coaching sessions, I understood so much about myself. At the end of each session, I always felt positive and energized.
I totally recommend her if you want to feel more positive and certain about next steps in your career, or about improvements you want in any aspect of your life.
Business Consulting Manager
I had in total 3 coaching sessions with Shine, and it was a pleasant experience to say the least.

She is a great listener: she devotes all her attention to you during the session which makes you feel heard and appreciated, even though our sessions were with Zoom calls.

She summarises each session with notes, and every time I am pleasantly surprised by how thorough she is. She gives good feedback during the session and encourages you to find the answers in yourself (with guidance).

She is very empathetic and doesn't come across judgmental at all. I would recommend Shine to anyone who is looking for coaching session!
Yunting Huang
Digital Marketer
Shine listens carefully while engaged in the conversation as if I was chatting with my best friends. She asks questions that guide me to find the answers for myself. This has been very empowering and I have gained more confidence. I definitely recommend Shine.
Shu profile pic
Shu L.
As a recent graduate, I am so bewildered as I had a hard time finding out exactly what and how to pursue what I want in my life.
Shine guided me to find that "real me" through active listening and a series of enlightening questions and made me realize that, in fact, I knew the answer already. She helped me with the decision-making process and guided me to value each option from a structured way.

Now I am much more confident on what to look for the next chapter of my life. It's a bless to be coached by Shine and I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to see a better version of themselves to have a conversation with Shine.

May linkedin photo
May D.
Shine is a great coach to work with. I've been benefiting from my sessions and improving my communication skills as a project manager. Her attentiveness to details and collaborative conversation makes it easy and joyful to go through the process of self improvement.
Pedro M.
Project Manager

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