About Shine


I am a coach, a listener, a people leader, and an entrepreneur. I am curious about you, myself, and the world around us. 

I currently live in Amsterdam, exploring empathy and practicing kindness.

How did I become a coach?

    Stay true to what I want

Hi, this is Shine. It is very nice to meet you.

I grew up in China. I followed the only path to a good life. I studied very hard to be the top 0.01% among millions of students, which led me to the most popular majors in the best universities in China and rest of the world. I fought for the most sought after jobs, earning a lot of money and living a good life. But I never really knew what I want. I just followed what others pre-defined for me.

I experienced coaching for the first time thanks to Brooke Vukchovic, an executive coach and professor of leadership, during my MBA. It was a dark and confusing period when my life turned upside down due to an accident. I was amazed by the power of questions and the power of having my own answer. For the first time, I realized that I might not have to be the standard product of a good life. It was such an enlighting and liberating experience that I could not wait to share with others. I love coaching! This is what I can see myself doing for my life!

Well, the small sparkle of coaching was crushed by reality very quickly after graduation. Don’t be ridiculous! Who would trust a 25-year-old girl? And I need money, status, success…I continued my good-life track.

However, there were moments when I felt puzzled, lost, defeated, or stressed…During the pandemic, the urgency and criticality of my work doubled while 1/3 of my team was laid off. I feel depleted. I cried in every single session with my coach. She asked me one day: Shine, what do you want, for YOURSELF?

Coaching. That was my answerAfter 10 years, I want to be true to myself, at least for once.

Fast forward, here I am: a professional coach. I still have my full-time job as a business and people leader. I am honored to help my clients to achieve the life they want, and my corporate job allows me to updated with the newest development in the business world. I enjoy the two faces of my life.

My story

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