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How many sessions do I need?

How many sessions

I got this question in almost all my intake sessions: how many sessions do I need?

My answer is always the same: it is up to you: your goal, your willingness, and your commitment. Coaching is fully customized for you.

But I know that the ‘blanket’ answer is not always satisfying. So here is some data:

  • My own experience: I had several coaches in the past years. The minimum number of sessions I had was 3, and the biggest amount of sessions I had was 9
  • I did a quick analysis of my clients
    • ~30% of them are happy after 1 session – likely a one-off, big puzzle. e.g. Which offer shall I take among the 2?
    • ~20% of them took 2 sessions with me.
    • The rest 50% took 3 or more sessions, and around 10% (of the total) took/are taking 5 or more sessions. These are likely longer-term transformations that are more complex, with multiple topics intertwined. The partnership allows both me and my client to take a less transactional approach and usually look back to see a significant change.

If you want to figure out what would fit you the best, feel free to book a free intake session with me 🙂